DojoConf 2011 - Building Dojo In The Cloud

September saw this year’s Dojo Conference hit Washington, D.C for two days. Attending as one of this year’s speakers, I was given the second slot on Saturday morning to talk about the Dojo Web Builder. The presentation covered why we built the tool, what it can do (including a live demo), a high-level overview of the architecture and finished looking at how users have been using the tool since it launched in April.

The slides are now available on slideshare and the audio will soon follow. I’ve also uploaded other recent presentations, including Debugging Mobile Web Apps from London AJAX Mini-Conf in July.

Both Dojo Conf and CapitolJS, which followed the next day, were fantastic, undoubtedly due to the enormous hardwork of the organisers - Chris and Laura Williams (JSConf). I’m looking forward to DojoConf 2012 already…