IBM Watson Nodes For Node-RED

I’ve updated the IBM Watson Nodes for Node-RED to include seven extra services.

Previously, the package only provided support for the following services:

  • Language Identification.
  • Machine Translation.
  • Question & Answers.

With the recent code changes, users now have access to the additional services:

  • Message Resonance.
  • Personality Insights.
  • Relationship Extraction.
  • Speech to Text.
  • Text to Speech.
  • Tradeoff Analytics.
  • Visual Recognition.

Using Node-RED through the IBM Bluemix boilerplate will automatically include the IBM Watson modules in the palette.

It is possible to use the IBM Watson nodes with Node-RED outside of IBM Bluemix provided you have the local environment variables configured to provide the service credentials.

For information about the individual services, please see the IBM Watson Developer Cloud.