AlchemyAPI & Updated Watson Nodes for Node-RED

I’ve recently been working on a number of updates to the Node-RED nodes for the IBM Bluemix platform…

Highlights below:

New AlchemyAPI Nodes

There are two new nodes (Feature Extract and Image Extract) in the package, allowing users to call services from the AlchemyAPI platform.

  • Feature Extract. This node will analyse external URLs, HTML or text content with features for text-based analysis from the AlchemyAPI service, e.g. keywords, sentiment, relationships, etc.

  • Image Analysis. This node will analyse images, passed in as external URLs or raw image bytes, to extract faces, content and URLs.

Configuration for each node is available through the node editor panel.

For full details on all the capabilities of the AlchemyAPI platform, please see their documentation.

Updated IBM Watson Nodes

With the recent changes to the IBM Watson services, there were a number of changes needed to support the API changes. All the IBM Watson nodes now work with the GA versions of the services.

Users must ensure they are using GA versions of the service with the nodes. Details on migration steps are available on the IBM Watson blog post about the updates.

Running Locally

When running Node-RED on IBM Bluemix, credentials for the services bound to the application are automatically registered. Previously, running the nodes outside of IBM Bluemix required complex configuration to register service credentials. With this release, users will be prompted to input the service credentials in the node editor panel if the application isn’t running on IBM Bluemix. Much easier!

If you have questions or encounter issues, please ask over on Stackoverflow or raise issues in Github