OpenWhisk and Node-RED

Node-RED nodes for OpenWhisk were initially released earlier this year. The nodes allowed users to manually invoke existing Actions and Triggers. This month, a new version of the package has been released providing a huge improvement in the functionality…


  • Users can now define new Actions using the flow editor UI, providing the source code through the inline node configuration panel.
  • Users can also modify existing Actions, with the live Action source being previewed in the node editor panel.
  • Triggers can be created and updated in the same way.
  • Both nodes allow users to view, define and modify default parameters for both Actions and Triggers.

Deploying the flow will make the modifications to Actions and Triggers live for the configured OpenWhisk platform.


This video shows the updated nodes being used to define a new OpenWhisk Action, invoking it in response to a message from an inject node and then making modifications to the source code.


Grab the updated NPM package to test the new features out today…